Co-Living Property Management Software

Myco is a property management application that helps real estate companies turn properties into coliving experiences, generate more revenues, and grow their customer community.

All in One Property Management

Connect your customers to your real-estate. Residents and Community Tools​. Provide the ultimate residents community feed to your tenants and community members. Residents and Community Tools. Private social network for your community members. Share Ideas and Events with other members. Coordinate local events such as lectures and birthdays. Automate your management routines

Memberships Services

Set membership levels for permanent tenants. Sell subscriptions to community members to let them rent spaces. Complete and facilitate services delivery to your residents – Food and Drinks orders, Printing services, Deliveries, Technical assistance. Receive immediate alerts on breakdowns or other incidents that require your attention.

  • Feedback
  • Flexible Pricing
  • Communication and Messaging
  • Unlimited Spaces
  • Notifications
  • Reservations Calendar

Shared Spaces Booking

With Myco, everything in your co-living project is available for tenants to book and rent. Have your shared spaces work better for you and generate more revenues.

Why Coliving?

Co-Living is a proven way to increase the value of your property over time, by renting apartments and shared spaces to a large local community, beyond the long-term tenants.

Myco provides management tools for both the everyday-life of the coliving project, as well as reaching a wider user community.

Co-Living Culture

Build your own white-labeled Co-Living Brand. Create a positive effect on your surroundings by providing coupons to be used with nearby businesses. Give extra benefits to your members. Allow external service providers to advertise their services to community members for a discount.

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